Rita Ora – How We Do

Lately, it seems that the industry has been trying hard to discover the next Lady Gaga, with a sudden focus on bold and confident women who aren’t afraid to dress like a hot mess and autotune their voices for the latest party track. Enter Rita Ora, the latest contestant in the game called pop music. Miss Ora comes to us from the UK, with her debut single, How We Do.

This song is a perfect running list of how to make a pop song. Unfortunately, as she was taking every possible trend in pop music and throwing it into a blend, she accidently added an alarming amount of bad. I’m not going to mince words here, this song is flat out terrible. In fact, since she somehow managed to create a running list of what not to do in a pop song.

From the very first lyric, this song comes off as a watered down version of Tik Tok, and it never really does much to shake that label. In fact, the songwriting may very well be the song’s worst offense. The hook is unforgivably bad, consisting solely of “I want to party, and bull shit. And party, and bull shit.” Sure, its fun to sing along to….that is if you don’t mind sounding like a complete idiot. Seriously, the song is just about as stupid as stupid can possibly get. Bull shit indeed….

The vocals are decent, but only marginally. The chorus is completely forgettable, and the generic pop beat is rather bland. It features actual drums rather than an electronic beat, which is nice. However, the beat is otherwise nondescript, which makes the song work better as background noise to a fun conversation rather than a party stating summer song. 

There really isn’t much I can say about this song. Its a completely unoriginal and bland piece of pop trash. How We Do is, without a doubt, the worst song to be released this summer. By releasing this as her debut single, Rita Ora proves herself to be rather desperate for a hit. Maybe she’s capable of doing something decent in the future, but How We Do is complete and utter bull shit.

Final Score: 0/5


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