Super Junior – Sexy, Free and Single

I’ve been into Kpop since 2004, and yet, the genre and I were taking a break during the time that Super Junior shot to stardom. The thirteen ten member super group has recently returned with a new single called
Sexy, Free and Single. This song puts and rnb tinge on the established “Super Junior sound.”

That would be cool, except the rnb feeling winds up getting lost in the song’s heavy production. The final product winds up sounding exactly like their last song. And the song before that. And the song before that. This wouldn’t be a problem if they were improving on their established sound, but the opposite is true in this case; each of their past hits sounds much better in comparison to the mess that became known as Sexy, Free and Single. And yes, this song is a bit of a mess.

Lets start with my biggest problem with the group; the vocals. Super Junior has a habit of being masked by layers upon layers of autotune and vocal filters. It results in each of the members having indistinguishable voices that sound exactly the same. This song would have sounded exactly the same if it had been sung by all ten members, released as a solo track by the groups lead vocalist (whoever that is), or even as a solo track by the group’s weakest vocalist (whoever that is). The chorus sounds completely robotic and unatural, much like all of the groups other songs. At certain points, the vocals almost seem to fade right into the music, becoming more a part of the highly produced pop beat rather than actual human voices capable of expression. I know that these guys can sing, so why…aren’t they?

But Super Junior isn’t known for being a group of vocal powerhouses. They shot to fame based on their complex choreography, and technical dancing ability. However, this isn’t just the group’s weakest dance routine, but in comparison to many of the newer groups (Infinite, BAP, EXO, Teen Top), it looks remarkably plain. Its your typical, standard fare Kpop dancing, without anything truly memorable or noteworthy. In fact, a few of the moves just look plain silly.

Its a serious weakness for the music video, which (shocker), features the guys dancing, and nothing else. This music video features one really cool set, and several others that are among the most boring EVER! Its a huge missed opportunity on SM’s part. This song would have been perfect to show the guys out in the world, being…sexy, free and single. This would have been a great song to have a a cool bar scene, club scene, or you know…any kind of scene!

Most. Boring. Set. Ever.

Finally, I never understand why groups don’t have their lyrics looked over by someone that speaks English before adding a few select English phrases to their songs. The song’s chorus consists of “I’m sexy, free and single, I’m ready to Bingo.” Maybe I’m doing English wrong, but…huh? Come on, SM. You’re better than this. At least the beat is catchy.

Final Score: 2/5


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