Chi Chi – Love is Energy

Chi Chi is a group that has yet to really make their mark on the K-pop world.  After loosing three of their original members, they’ve decided to push on by adding only one new girl, Shine, and downsizing to a quintet. Their new song is called Love is Energy, and it actually has the potential to take the group to the next level.

I feel like down sizing the group really works to their advantage. Some groups work well with big numbers (Girls Generation, Rainbow) and some completely fail (T-ara, After School). Chi Chi was unable to give each member the attention they deserved, but with only five members, I feel like we get to truly see each girl’s unique talents. Su-I has a very expressive voice, and her soft tone really convey’s the song’s emotion. Boreaum is great at rapping, and Shine really fits into the group seamlessly.

Chi Chi originally debuted on the premise that they would be known for making house and electronic music. After all, their name does stand for Creative House Idols. Unlike many groups that change their sound and style with ever debut (angry glare in your direction, T-ara….) Chi Chi has stuck to this concept, and Love is Energy is no exception. It starts out with a soft electronic melody that sounds a bit like an upgraded Longer. It builds with a pulsing bass, and some awesome electronica beats that really solidify their sound and image. In an industry where everything is decided by the powers that be, its nice to see a group with a clear artistic direction.

The song itself has a really interesting melody, and a super catchy chorus. Its by far Chi Chi’s best song, but lets talk about what happens at the 2:40 mark. The song hits a dubstep breakdown, and becomes practically unlistenable. Now don’t get me wrong, I love dubstep, and I think that if any group was to “do” dubstep, it should be Chi Chi. However, the breakdown just doesn’t fit the song’s sound or style at all. Love is Energy is a tender and emotional song, so a rap heavy bro-step interlude just seems…off. After the breakdown, the song hits a rather beautiful sounding bridge. However, it then launches into the final chorus with a key change that makes it sound like the final number to a made for TV Disney movie. 

Still, I haven’t said anything about the song’s main talking point: the choreography! This has always been one of Chi Chi’s weakest areas, but I think the song’s feature move, the “hand blender,” will be one of the most imitated dance moves since “Nobody.” Its a move that really pulls your attention, and makes you focus on the girls and their wrists of fire! I’m actually quite familiar with the move, and have been able to do it for awhile (its quite common in the glowsticking community….). However, the speed at which the girls execute the move is very impressive!

Overall, Chi Chi still has a few things to work on. The music video was entirely lame, but the song itself is half fantastic, and half terrible. It evens out in the end, making it “pretty good!” The choreography is great, and I see the group going in the right direction!

Final Score: 3/5

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