The Gym Class Heroes – The Fighter (ft. Ryan Tedder)

With both the summer season, and the Olympic games ready to kick off, its almost guaranteed that we’re going to be seeing a slew of uplifting and inspirational songs. Enter the Gym Class Heroes with their latest
single, The Fighter. This song follows the formula of their recent string of hits; guest vocals, soft but driving percussion, and rather generic and forgettable pop sound. Sure, it’ll be a hit…but is it good?

This song seems to function better as a Ryan Tedder song, featuring guest raps from Travie McCoy. During the verses, Travie delivers solid verses about perseverance, believing in yourself, and rising above negativity. Its refreshing to hear rap lyrics about positivity, but I feel like his verses are lost somewhere in the finely polished production. Clearly, they aren’t strong enough to carry the song, or even be remotely memorable. Its a shame, because the lyrics themselves are quite good.
Ryan comes into the chorus telling us to “Give ’em hell…” in the same way that he might say “Girl, don’t leave me…” His part actually falls quite limp, and is a little too light to really convey the power behind the song’s message. The hook may be memorable, but it sure isn’t catchy. 
The Gym Class Heroes have officially fallen into the same category of acts like Marron 5 and OneRepublic. They’re simply a launching pad for the groups’ frontmen, while the band takes a backseat to over polished pop production. The song’s beat is eerily similar to pretty much everything on the radio….especially any song that Ryan Tedder has ever touched; Beyonce’s Halo, Kelly Clarkson’s Already Gone, Adele’s Rumor Has It, Bruno Mars’s Grenade…the list goes on. We get yet another light piano melody behind a driving beat, and tons and tons of polish dumped on top. For a band that once created unique hits like Clothes Off and Cupid’s Chokehold….the band has clearly lost their artistic direction during their hiatus. 
Final Score: 1/5


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