f(x) – Electric Shock

After taking a short breather from their sudden surge in popularity, f(x) has returned to the music scene. Their latest single is called Electric Shock. Based on the teasers, I was expecting something radically different from the girls. There was something really cool about the Alice In Wonderland style, and animal head masks. It made me think we were getting a change in musical style. However, as this song’s name would imply, it is in fact an electronic dance track that sounds like the proper sequel to Nu Abo.

The girls are looking their best this time around. While song’s like Nu Abo and Pinocchio tried to be edgy, I felt like they tried almost too hard, and pushed the style to a level of ridiculous. There’s something about taking it down a notch that works. The girls are still wearing their signature electro punk styles, but it feels much more natural and less contrived this time.

The song starts off with a strong electronic beat with a heavy bass that reminds one of Nu Abo…only upgraded. It almost sounds too much like Nu ABO, but that’s not necessarily a complaint. The girls sound great on the sharp and crisp verses, but the song really takes off in the chorus. The beat is simply infectious, and the chorus? One word: “Nana-nanana.” Between the crazy dance beat and catchy hook, this song won’t be leaving your head any time soon.

The Cute One

The stand out vocalist this time around, surprisingly, is Amber. This song lackings a rap verse, but she actually proves to be a capable vocalist. Amber is quite possibly better than Krystal, whose never sounded quite so forgettable. Luna, the group’s strongest vocalist, never gets the opportunity to flaunt her voice. While Victoria and Sulli are easily the groups weakest in terms of singing, they are given just as much attention as their team mates. Its nice to see them get their time in the spotlight, and Sulli actually delivers her lines with a certain charisma that makes her stand out, but Victoria probably benefits the most from the song’s heavy use of computerized fine tuning.

The Sexy One

While they may not be the strongest group of singers, f(x) has always impressed with their choreography, and Electric Shock is no exception. The verses are full of complex movements and formations, while the chorus has that signature move that everyone is going to practice in front of their mirror. Dancing has always been their strong suit, and I personally think this is one of their best routines.

The music video does an excellent job at showcasing their dancing skills and unique fashion. Unfortunately, it displays little else. SM has a habit of putting their puppets artists in front of a cool set, and saying “dance.” Sure, the sets this time around are really cool, but they feel so empty with just five girls dancing around. This type of video has been done a million times in Kpop, and I would have loved to have seen something different; maybe some type of story line, interaction with other people, or an awesome club scene?

Overall, Electric Shock is a catchy song that puts f(x) back in their element. Its a pleasant and fun listen, but unfortunately, it lacks a certain something that would make it an incredible track. I think that a better chorus and less autotune would have improved the song’s quality, but Electric Shock is a solid comeback for SM’s funky dance queens.

Final Score: 4/5

The Stylish One

The Edgy One
The Tomboy


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