Alex Clare – Too Close

Why yes, this is the song you heard in the Internet Explorer commercial! Alex Clare is an English singer/songwriter who made his debut almost a year ago across the pond. As with most of the UK’s best, its taken awhile to make its way to America, but thank god it did! If not for the fact that its a truly incredible song, but for the fact that I get to hear it during American Idol’s extensive commercial breaks!
Here’s the best way to describe this track: Soul music walked into a bar one night, lonely and heart broken. There, he met Dubstep, and was instantly attracted to her edgy bass lines and sexy reverb. The two made passionate love, and the resulting love child was a song called Too Close. Yes, this song brings together two of my favorite genres, and the end result, is really cool. I was a fan of dubstep before it caught on and became trendy. I honestly hate it when I hear a random breakdown in a song that tries to be dubstep (I’m looking at you, Flo Rida). However, Too Close is a shining example of what a hybrid track should be.  
Alex Clare is, first and foremost, a singer/songwriter with a soulful voice. This verses really bring out his lush, soulful tone. It simply evokes passion, and pain through the song’s dark lyrics. His voice is accompanied by a subdued but intricate beat that really drives the song and creates a dramatic tone. Once the song reaches the chorus, it simply explodes as the bass drops, and the dubstep comes out. Alex’s soulful vocals are interwoven with the pulsating wobble bass, creating a dynamic sound that is nothing short of gorgeous. 
Alex Clare really put a unique spin on both genres of music (can we call this dub-soul?). Too Close is a truly captivating track. Its easy to see why this song was chosen for Internet Explorer’s national campaign. The song simply grabs your attention, with its unique protection, and stirs emotions through its vocals delivery.
Final Score: 4/5


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