Wonder Girls – Like This

Despite how you feel about the Wonder Girls, you can’t deny that they were major players in the Hallyu Wave. With a Tell Me, they pretty much revolutionized K-pop, and then spread it to a world wide audience with Nobody. Since then, this group has seen their share of ups and downs, but now they’ve returned to Korea with a new song called Like This. Maybe its because of their time in America, or maybe its because of their desire to proves themselves still relevant in their home country, but this song is a delicate blend of American and Korean influences, and for the first time in awhile, it works really well.
Like This is really more of a command than it is the song’s title. On the first listen, you’ll find yourself hard-pressed to not bounce along to the song’s infectious electronic hip-hop beat. It’s one of the most memorable beats I’ve heard in awhile, possibly due to the fact that it sounds trendy and hip, without sounding overproduced like so many other songs. The chorus is equally catchy, and you’ll quickly find yourself chanting along with the “Like this yo, like this.”  Its a song that’s ready for the summer season, and will get crowds moving as its blasted at block parties, backyard barbecues, and even in the club down town. 
Like their past hits, The Wonder Girls have provided a set of dance moves for everyone to learn. However, the choreography feels much more organic this time around. Most groups, Wonder Girls included, boast their fine tuned, perfectly synced dance moves that they perform over and over, like a bunch of well disciplined dancing machines. However, the dance moves to Like This are more about letting loose and having fun…which is what dancing really should be about. Sure, the girls demonstrate a set of steps to be followed, but Like This is less about getting it right than it is about getting down.

Its a concept that’s clearly demonstrated in the song’s unique music video. We see the girls at some random mall. They start dancing, and eventually, the crowd joins them in a rather unabashed and shameless dance party…flash mob style! The crowd feels totally believable; like you can find this group at any given mall on any given day. We see everyone getting down; hip teenagers, moms with toddlers, business men in ties, the elderly, and even some regular people who probably just wandered on set. What I love is that each person in the crowd is putting their own spin on the choreography, and having a great time. The crowd interaction is also really nice. I’ve become so used to seeing Kpop stars dancing in front of some elaborate set and making faces at the camera that this is a welcome change of pace.
Do I have my complaints? Of course. Yu Bin’s does her best with a rather weak rap verse, but it doesn’t really allow her to shine. The song doesn’t really give many opportunities to flaunt vocal strength, and while that means that Lim and So Hee really shine, it also means that Sun and Yenny are given the shaft. That might be a good thing though…their new matching bob-cuts look terrible. If my complaints sound rather vain and fleeting, that’s because they are. Overall, this song is solid.
Like This is a nice departure from the girls’ usual retro style. Its an infectious and upbeat dance track that is sure to charm worldwide audiences once again! I’m really hoping for an English version of this song, because I think that even American audiences could appreciate this funky tune.
Final Score: 4/5
As a bonus, here are some pictures from the music video. Some people who are new to the group have said that its difficult to pick out the the actual Wonder Girls from the crowd, so here’s a quick overview of the 5 lovely ladies. 
So Hee
Maknae and Vocalist
Sun Ye
a.k.a. Sun
Leader and Main Vocalist
Ye Eun
a.k.a. Yenny
Main Vocals
Yu Bin
Main Rapper, Sub- Vocals
Hye Lim
a.k.a. Lim
Newest member, Vocals, Sub-Rapper


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