Jay Sean – I’m All Yours

Back in 2009, Jay Sean crossed the pond and brought a little song called Down to American airwaves. The song was a smash, making Jay Sean one of the best UK-US crossovers in awhile. Unfortunately, he was
something of a one hit wonder, and his follow up singles never seemed to live up to Down‘s success (or quality.) However, Jay is back in the studio with a new album on the way. The first single off this new project is a club joint that features Pitbull (what doesn’t anymore), called I’m All Yours.

Now, when I say “features Pitbull,” several things should instantly come to mind. Mostly Miami clubs and electro-dance beats. This song features an dance beat that’s almost identical to Give Me Everything, the only difference being that Jay Sean has brought his signature “feel good” touch to the song, giving it a lighter and sunnier feeling.

Its nice to listen to, and is definitely dance-able, but its also very standard. However, if you’re listening to a Jay Sean track, you shouldn’t be expecting anything groundbreaking or original. Jay definitely follows the trend rather than setting it. His earlier hits had a pop sound that was very en vogue at the time, so its no surprise that he’s suddenly jumped on board with Pitbull to give us yet another club track with an electro-beat. This track takes no risks, and doesn’t dare to do anything different. As a result, it winds up sounding very, very generic.

But don’t get me wrong. While not at all original, I’m All Yours does several things right. On the first verse alone, Jay’s vocals are stronger than on any of his past singles.Plus, the chorus is catchy, and Pitbull’s raps are great, so I can’t knock him for that. Also, this song does improve on Jay’s sound. His songs were always very mid-tempo and bland. Instead, I’m All Yours is designed to be a dance hit that’s going to get people moving and having fun. Its probably his first song that will actually excite the crowd rather than give them a chance to catch their breath.

Is it better than Down? I don’t know, but I’m All Yours is definitely a solid dance track.While this track may not exactly be ground breaking, it succeeds in being a pleasant pop listen. No doubt that this will be all over the radio for the coming summer season.

Final Score: 3/5


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