Foster the People – Houdini

With their debut track, Foster the People went from an indie California band to being one of the coolest acts in the top 40. With its powerful meaning, catchy chorus, and chilled out instrumentals, Pumped Up Kicks was an undeniably awesome debut song. However, their latest single definitely breathes more life and energy than their first. Houdini is an uptempo electronic-rock song that continues the group’s knack for releasing quirky but catchy tunes.

The song opens with a solid, uptempo beat that continues throughout the song, giving it a solid skeleton to build itself around. As the song progresses, we hear the electronic elements come out full force to create a really fun and upbeat atmosphere that begs you to join the party and dance along. Its a genius sound that’s catchy enough for the pop crowd, but still quirky enough for the indie crowd. This is a track was designed for everyone to enjoy!

Mark Foster is cooler than ice as he delivers the song’s lyrics. Listening to the catchy beat, you’d think this was just a fun dance song. However, the lyrics actually have quite a bit of depth to them. Houdini is about how musicians have to put on a show and present themselves to audiences, much like a magician. However, unlike magicians who hide behind illusions, musicians often have to put their deeply personal experiences into a song for everyone to hear. Sometimes you want to hold onto something like that, but sometimes you’re forced to compromise. Its once again, a brilliant message that’s hidden deep within a catchy song.

Finally, the music video is easily one of the best I’ve seen in awhile. I was shocked with within the first 10 seconds of the video, the band is killed when some stage equipment falls on them! However, the stage crew is quick to use their dead corpses as puppets, and put on an awesome show for the fans who eat it up. There’s some awesome effects and choreography to be seen, and this is easily one of those videos that you want to watch again and again.

Houdini seems to have done everything right. Its got awesome lyrics, a catchy electronic beat, and an wildly entertaining music video. This song is well crafted on every level.

Final Score: 5/5


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