Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You

Making her major label debut is Dutch singer, Eva Simons. Miss Simons rose to fame via reality TV, after earning a spot in a hit girl group on Holland’s “Popstars: The Rivals.” Now that she’s gone solo, and after catching the eye of Kanye West, Eva is now poised for pop stardom. Her first single is a definite floor filler called I Don’t Like You.

The Euro-dance beat is solid, and so are the vocals. Its clear to see how she would have made her way into a pop group. She’s clearly a capable vocalist. Her lower register has a smokey tone to it that you don’t usually see in club-pop music. Its definitely unique, but Eva really shines when she’s using her powerful voice to belt out some serious notes.

However, the song has some glaring weaknesses. The chorus has a really weird structure that makes it really difficult to get into, and lyrics that just don’t seem to flow. And what’s with everything trying to be dubstep nowadays? This song has some weird breakdowns following the chorus that sound like a comfused and jumbled mess of sound. Plus, the hook is weak, and if your hook is weak, so is your song.

Her image and sound have cast her into the current trend of pop-products inspired by Lady Gaga. Dance beat? Check. Crazy hair and makeup? Check. Catchy hook? Check. Bold and brash personality? Check. Everything from her musical style to her crazy-ass mohawk just screams “I wanna be trendy!” Then again, this current trend is inspired by Euro-dance, so maybe she’s more authentic than the likes of Dev and Rihanna, who she is often compared to. Who knows?  Eva is a talented vocalist, and I hope she gets to release some more interesting material in the future, because I’m so over this.

Final Score: 2/5


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