B.A.P. – Power

B.A.P. made a huge impact with their debut single. In my opinion, it was probably the best debut song for a guy group ever! However, with that accomplishment comes the pressure to top it with the follow up single.
To keep the momentum going, they’ve released their second single, Power, which keeps true to the saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

Power shares numerous similarities with the group’s first single, Warrior. They’ve stuck with their dirty and grimy “tough guy” image which is great to see. With their “in your face” attitude, they’ve further established their identity. I don’t think that any other group is doing that concept quite as well. A few others are trying…but B.A.P. makes them all look like an After School sub-unit.

Unfortunately, the song shares so many similarities with Warrior, that it almost gives you a case of “have I heard this before?” The song’s structure is almost exactly the same, right down to the bpm. The beat still features a heavy hip-hop beat with some hard rock and electronic influences. At one point, you can even hear the whistles that were featured so prominently in Warrior. The choreography also seems to have recycled a few dance moves. For many groups, this would be an problem. However, for B.A.P, I honestly don’t mind this self plagiarism.

Power is definitely an upgraded Warrior. The song as a whole is much more melodic. Dae Hyun’s power-belting fits in perfectly, and doesn’t sound out of place like it did before. Bang’s raspy and gritty tone sounds absolutely incredible. I still find it difficult to believe that Zelo isn’t even old enough to drive, because he has some of the best rap delivery I’ve heard in awhile. The chorus really soars, and the hooks simply beg you to pay attention and sing along.

They don’t just impress vocally, but the choreography is every bit as impressive as last time. These guys have powerful stage presence, and some insane dancing skills. At one point, they break into a really cool spray-paint dance that really impresses.

Power is yet another impressive track from a shockingly good rookie group. Many elements of this song have been recycled from their debut track, and that may be seen as a weakness to some people. However, I hate when a group changed their concept with every new single. I just hope that in the future, they don’t begin to sound too repetitive. With just two singles, B.A.P. has established themselves with a well defined image and sound, and above all else, an astounding level of talent. This group is easily on their way to the top!

Final Score: 4/5


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