Girl’s Day – Oh! My God!

Oh my god! Girls’ Day is back! Yes, after an 8 month absence, the girls have returned with a new single, titled Oh My God! This is a group of rising stars, and managed to comeback from one of the worst debuts ever, and almost clinched the top spot with their last few hits. They’ve got their eyes on #1, and this song really is a step forward for them. Unfortunately, its also two steps backward as well.

Girls’ Day has decided to stick with their super duper cute and girly image. Although they’ve updated the look with some sexier disco inspired styles. The song’s beat is much more danceable than any of their past hits, and the hook sure is catchy! I’ve been singing “Oh my god! Oh my god!” in my head all day. The music video is also hilarious. It has the girls pitted against one another in a dance-off, complete with over the top b-boying, crumping, and a couple of mishaps. Its totally adorkable!

Unfortunately, I feel like the “ageyo” style is really holding back the girls. In their pre-debut flash mob videos, we saw the girls dancing to hip-hop music with tons of swagger and attitude. In Nothing Lasts Forever, we saw them rocking out with serious edge and powerful charisma. Ever since, it seems like this group has been forced to be overly sweet and girly…and I can’t help but feel like these powerful tigresses are being forced to become innocent kittens.

The song ultimately undercuts their talents. The choreography is quite lame, and the vocals are severely limited. From their past songs, we know that Min Ah is a powerful vocalist, and that So Jin has a deep and sultry voice. Unfortunately, all of the girls are trying so hard to sound cute and innocent, that they all wind up sounding exactly the same. Is quite annoying actually.

Overall, this song isn’t their best. This is a group that has been rising in popularity, but I don’t think they’ll ever be able to reach the top if they keep doing what they’re doing. These girls have too much talent and charisma to waste by trying to be as cute as humanly possible. Please girls…PLEASE go back to making quality songs like Nothing Lasts Forever!

Final Score: 2/5


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