Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

The music industry seems to have had enough of electronic club beats and autotuned vocals. With songs by Gotye and Fun. currently topping the charts, its clear that indie music can still remind us what good music really is. However, a third party has thrown their hats into the ring, challenging these two to be the next Use Somebody or Little Lion Man. Icelandic outfit, Of Monsters and Men, have recently released their debut single, Little Talks.

Little Talks is a quirky little diddy that really takes us back to the roots of music. The folk melody sounds absolutely timeless. You wouldn’t think that an accordion could ever be so catchy, and yet its one of the song’s many highlights. Coupled with the infectious shouts from the crowd that beg you to sing along, the song is instantly memorable and relentlessly catchy. However, Little Talks becomes stunningly beautiful in the verses. The band consists of two co-lead vocalists, one male and one female, that take turns exchanging lines through out the song. With their Icelandic drawl, their voices sound absolutely gorgous as they exchange lines back and fourth, and harmonize beautifully in the chorus.

Simply put, this song is genius. It has all of the catchiness and energy of most club songs, but features truly mezmerising vocals, fantastic lyrics, and a sound that is pure and classic. This song could very well be the next break through indie hit! It has already debuted at the bottom end of Billboard’s top 100, but could very well climb its way to the top!

Final Score: 5/5

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