Sistar – Alone

After teasing us with some chic and sexy previews, Sistar has returned with their latest single, Alone. Fans of this group will at first notice that their image has remained relatively the same from their last round of promotions. However, unlike the flashy and flirty So Cool, the girls have gone in a much more mature and subdued direction for this latest release.

Alone is relatively mellow for a Sistar song. Usually, the girls go all out with their playful energy and in-your-face sexiness. I don’t think we’ve ever seen the group quite this tame.A mid-tempo pop ballad, the song features a funky disco melody with a a chilled out beat. In the song’s music video, we see the girls playing the role of heartbroken vixens, all alone in Los Vegas. The girls are glamourous but damaged, and the song channels that feeling beautifully.
Vocally, the girls are holding back this time around, channeling the song’s sadness rather than belting. Hyorin once again takes front and center, crooning out some soft high notes, rather than belting. Soyu also proves to be a solid vocalist, and really shines in the song’s bridge. Da Som once again feels underutilized, and Bora’s rap comes at an awkward moment, and sounds very out of place.

The song’s choreography is just as subdued as the vocals. The girls move slowly but sensually as they perform the song’s signature knee-lifting, booty swaying move. Perhaps being so subdued is a way of concentrating on the song rather than the experience? Alone is a nice and refreshing change of pace. At times, Kpop can be a little overwhelming with its flashy costumes, high energy choreography, and infectious beats and hooks. Its nice that this song attempts to dial it back for a moment, and cocnentrate on delivering a pleasant listening experience.

Final Score: 3/5


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