4minute – Volume Up

After numerous delays, 4minute finally returns to the music scene with an album that promises to “experiment with new genres and styles” that we haven’t seen from the girls before. Its a neat idea, but we’ve seen many other groups force a new concept on themselves, only to do so unconvincingly.

For their new style, they’ve gone “Twilight,” and channeled the mysterious sex appeal of the vampire; Dark and brooding, alluring and elegant, sexy and a little bit dangerous. 4minute is a group that has enough personality and maturity to pull off the concept well, and they really make it work in their enchanting new music video.

At it’s heart, Volume Up is a dynamic dance track thats backed by a smooth saxophone melody. The verses allow the girls to sing sensually, backed by a sultry eurodance beat. However, the song soon builds as the saxophone kicks in. Hyuna begins her signature rapping, and Gayoon starts belting. Its a dynamic and intricate sound that ultimately leads up to the chorus, where Ji Yoon’s powerful voice tears through the heavy dance beat.

Ultimately, 4minute is one of those few groups that can pull a 180 with their style, while still knowing who they are. While it doesn’t quite surpass their previous hits, Volume Up is a solid track that explores a sultry new side to the girls, and pleases with a unique sound.

Final Score: 4/5


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