Jennifer Lopez – Dance Again

Dance again is the latest club track by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull. Why does this sound so familiar? Maybe because its the same recipe that made J.Lo used last year to make herself relevant again. This song tries to be the second On The Floor, but ultimately comes up short.

This song is definitely Jennifer’s strongest suit. She has excelled at making exotic dance pop music ever since Waiting For Tonight out her on the map over a decade ago. Dance Again is essentially an updated version of her past hit, mixed with the trendiness of On The Floor. On the verses, the song features a subdued euro-dance beat that really explodes in the chorus. The vocals aren’t the strongest, but work well to create a feel good, celebratory track. Pitbull actually pulls off a rap verse that’s surprisingly fun and witty, and is actually a strong point of the song.

While all of this does grantee the song’s hit status, it doesn’t necessarily offer anything new or interesting. You could easily place a rap verse in any other Euro-dance song, and nobody would know the difference. As a result, the song is completely faceless. Sure, Jennifer wound up giving it her vocals, but Kylie Minogue, Alexandra Stan, or Robyn could have each done equally well (if not better). Its a good track that does have its strengths…but ultimately fails to leave any sort of lasting impression.

At least the music video is kind of cool. Even if it is a product placement overload.

Final Score: 2/5


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