SHINee – Sherlock

Out of all the guy groups in Korea, SHINee is one of my favorite, and I was really excited when they announced their comeback. However, then I saw the teaser pictures. There was just something about half naked girly boys in 70’s porn star poses that made me feel….uncomfortable. The cringe inducing teaser eventually lead up to the release of SHINee’s latest single, Sherlock. Luckily, the song is much better and less awkward than the teasers.

Out of all the guy groups out there, its clear that SHINee is sitting comfortably on top. The choreography to this song is nothing short of amazing. The guys pull of some of the most intricate and eye catching choreography I’ve ever seen, and they do it completely in sync each time. They’re doing some crazy wave motions, intense marching, robots, and just about everything else under the sun…all in this one song! The choreography is so good, that its almost overwhelming.

The song itself, is also quite good, and features a sound that’s just as intricate as the choreography. Backed by a strong electronic beat, the song features splashes of Motown horns, and electro pop accents, which creates a really dynamic sound. The vocals are also incredibly strong, as per usual with Jong Hyun and Onew, but Tae Min has really improved as well. The chorus is really catchy, and will have everyone shouting “I’m! So! Curious! Yeah!” And yet, the verses and the raps are just as strong. This is one of those songs that keeps you interested start to finish.

Between the extreme choreography, the intricate sound, and brilliant production, this song is almost overwhelming to the senses. While I’ll still continue to fault them on their god awful 70’s meets 2012 meets Victorian England styles, I can’t deny that Sherlock is a solid and well crafted track.

Final Score: 4/5

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