Karmin – Brokenhearted

If you haven’t heard of Karmin by now, you simply haven’t been on the good side of the internet lately. Karmin started as a cover group made up of Amy Heideman and Nick Noonan. They started to really make a name for themselves when their Youtube videos went viral. They cover everything from Sara Bariellis to Lil Wayne, demonstrating some great vocal talent, and rapping skills that would put most rappers to shame. After getting the attention of millions of fans, and a major record label, Karmin is now set for an album release next month, with their latest single being Broken Hearted.

Broken Hearted is an upbeat pop song…much like what is trendy today. It fits very nicely between pop-rock hits by Hot Chelle Rae and Jessie J. Initially, the song doesn’t seem to offer too much in terms of originality, but once that thought crosses your mind, Amy smacks you upside the head with something that is rarely seen in pop music today; true talent. She clearly has a powerful voice, and tons of genuine charisma that shines through on the chorus that is instantly memorable. Once she starts rapping, its clear that we have a true star on our hands. She can easily rap circles around the likes of Ke$ha and Dev, and she can even go toe to toe with real rappers like Nicki Minaj.

What I love about Karmin, is that unlike other pop starlets that are currently going out of their way to be edgy, Karmin is genuinely interesting. Karmin possesses real charm, and true talent, and with that, they’ve separated themselves from the pack. Brokenhearted is a solid pop tune that will hopefully lead to huge things for these guys! Cherrio indeed!

Final Score: 4/5



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