SPICA – Painkiller

SPICA debuted earlier this year, and absolutely put the other rookie girl groups to shame. Their huge voices and unique style made them stand out, and Russian Roulette wasn’t a bad track either. Now, to further prove themselves, they’ve released their second single, the RnB tinged Painkiller.

Painkiller is an emotional RnB track that really allows the girls to let loose with their insane vocal ability. Boa, Narae, and Bohyung really go at it, and constantly impress with the dynamic of their voices. Even Jiwon, the groups least capable vocalist, proves that she has an essential role in the group, as her soft tone provides a great contrast ot her powerful group mates in the song’s chorus. However, the real surprise of this song is Juhun. Since this song didn’t feature a rap verse, you’d think that her part in the song would be minimal (like in thier last song.) However, did you know that she’s also a fantastic singer? Neither did I!

After their last song, I said that the girls needed to work on their choreography. Much to my chagrin, the girls have vastly improved. They really channel the song as they sensually move to the song’s catchy RnB beat. The music video is really beautiful, and does and excellent job at showcasing their dancing.

Additionally, did anyone else know that SPICA had so much soul in their voices? In the Kpop industry, we rarely see true soul emerge from a pop group. However, each of these girls really dug down and pulled up a massive amount of soul for this song. You can really feel the pain and emotion of this song through their flawless voices. Could this be the En Vogue of Korea? Quite possibly. Talent like this is undeniable.

Final Score: 4/5


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