Dev – Take Her From You

Dev has recently released her debut album, along with her next single, Take Her From You. This song shows Dev branching out with her sound, ditching the electronic influences and dance beats in favor of a more pop-rock direction. Keeping the same mysterious air of In the Dark, Dev moans and purrs her way through this track, attempting to be sensual and alluring. She’s ditched the rapping that we’ve come to know from her previous tracks, instead singing form start to finish.

The problem? Shes not a very good singer. Her paper thin vocals and extremely limited range are incapable of supporting even the simplest of melodies. She voice never goes above a low purr, and she can’t even seem to hold a note for more than a few seconds. Now don’t get me wrong, there are tons of pop starlets who have had hit records with mediocre voices. But Dev’s singing voice is just so remarkably bad that I kept hoping she would begin talk-rapping like the watered down Ke$ha that she is.

At least the production is still interesting like her last hit, right? No. The verses are rather boring, and the chorus is anything but catchy. The entire song is held up by the instrumentals; a subdued electronic guitar and a simple drum beat. While it is very minimalist for a pop record, reminding one of a smokey LA bar from some noir novel, it gets really stale, really quickly.

People have been quick to point out that the lyrics sound very much like Dev having a lesbian relationship. Honestly? Who cares if she is. She isn’t the first to write about a girl desiring another girl, and she won’t be the last. However, the song’s ACTUAL meaning is actually pretty cool. The “her” she is taking from you is actually her older self. In this sense, the lyrics are actually pretty interesting, which adds SOMETHING to the song.

Now, can we talk about the hook? At the beginning and end of the song, Dev begins whistling a strange little melody that is supposed to be our hook….I guess. Its strange, and it comes out of nowhere, without warning. It just doesn’t seem to fit in the song, but honestly…its better than anything she sings.

Take Her From You tries to be the cool kid on the playground, but like every little douch bag in the sixth grade, it ultimately tries so hard that it forgets to actually be interesting. Overall, its a weak track that doesn’t do anything to shed the “watered-down-Ke$ha” comparisons that have followed Dev since her debut. After listening to this track, I was left begging for Bass Down Low to remind myself that she actually might have something worth listening to. If she does…this isn’t it.

Final Score: 1/5



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