Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

Big Bang really made an impression with their subtle and emotional ballad, Blue. While it was undoubtedly a solid track that showcased the group in a new light, it didn’t have the attitude and swagger that I’ve come to know and love from this group. That is where Fantastic Baby comes into play.

Fantastic Baby is the in your face club track that we were all waiting for when Big Bang first announced their comeback. This song features a really strong electronic dance beat that would have LMAFO’s head spinning. Plus, the song has so many hooks that you’ll be hard pressed to ever get this song out of your head.  Its quite simply one of the best club tracks I’ve ever heard.

One things that I have always loved about Big Bang is the fact that they hardly seem like an actual group. What I mean by that is that each individual member clearly has enough charisma and talent to be a successful solo star. I look at Big Bang more as a supergroup made up of five individual talents than a single entity. When they come together, they create absolute gold. Fantastic Baby showcases each of their individual talents amazingly well. Each of them have voices that are so distinct, you can clearly tell when each member is in the spotlight, and yet they complement one another amazingly well.

Daesung’s powerhouse vocals are on full display during the bridge, along with Taeyang who shows that he can belt out a note just as well. G-Dragon’s in your face rapping is sickeningly awesome, while T.O.P’s cooler-than-ice tone really brings another level of attitude to the song. I feel like Seungri may have gotten short changed by the song, but his solo verse is honestly one of the best parts of the song. His tone is soft yet smooth, and provides a great contrast to the other members.

One thing that I’m not such a fan of is the current trend in electro-pop songs to be completely chorusless. Yes, while Fantastic Baby’s chorus is freakishly catchy, it really doesn’t showcase the members at all, and focuses on the beat instead. And yet…its by far the catchiest thing I’ve ever heard. The chorus begins with the music coming to a screeching halt. However, among the dead silence, we hear three little words that will be forever lodged in your brain: “Wow….fantastic, baby.” Its a simple phrase that will quickly become part of your everyday vocabulary. I can’t even articulate how awesome it is in proper words. Its JUST. THAT. AWESOME!

After those three words are uttered, the beat drops, and the party takes off. T.O.P. then delivers the second hook, another simple phrase that will have the entire crowd chanting along: “Boom socka locka.” It might sound ridiculous, but its said with so much swag that it quickly becomes the coolest thing about the song.

Something also has to be said for the music video. This video is a display of crazy costumes, flashing lights, great choreography, and even some cool symbolism. Its such an overload of awesome, that’s its almost overwhelming. The video begins with G-Dragon looking like a cross between an anime villain and Beetle Juice with an extreme hair situation. He soon leads a resistance group against a group of anti-music riot police. Its a message of letting go of everything and expressing yourself.

That’s cool and all, but what about Seungri and the latex clad cat girls? Or T.O.P’s neon blue hair? Or Daesung hulking out while being chained to a wall? Or the way Taeyang deforsts to reveal some awesome tattoos? They’ve truly got some awesome scenes to themselves, but the best is clearly when they come together for the chorus to perform the choreography. Unlike most videos, the dancing is very freestyle which allows the group the freedom to do their own thing. It seems both carefully planned, and very unrestrained, which really matches the rest of the song. In the end, I haven’t seen a Kpop video this awesome in awhile.

Fantastic Baby is one of those rare songs that seems to cross the boundaries of language. I doubt that non-Kpop fans would even care that this song is in a language they don’t understand. DJ’s around the world, take notice of this song. It was designed to hypnotize audiences with strong beats and catchy hooks. It is everything that’s popular in the Western world, only better. One listen to this song, and you’ll know its true. The only thing that can possibly be said about Big Bang’s latest hit is…you guessed it…Wow! Fantastic baby…

Final Score: 5/5



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