The Verdict on Idol: Top 10 Results

Last week was a very exciting evening despite the god awful theme. At this point, I really am becoming fond of this year’s group, but alas, we all know the nature of the game. One of these potential stars must fall.

Before we get to the actual results, a few notes about tonight’s show…

  • Lana Del Rey was the guest performer. I’ve never heard her music before, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t ever want to. Her performance was completely, utterly, terrible. It was a boring song, sung in a mono tone voice that simply sucked all the life out of the room. It was like listening to a sleeping pill. It didn’t help that she performed the song like she was completely bored either. Honestly…Lana Del Rey sucked.
  • It was Stephen Tyler’s birthday! You know what that means! Completely embarrassing and off key performance of “Happy Birthday!”
  • Haley Reinhart returned to the stage to perform her pleasant new single! Will it be a hit? Probably not, but if Lana Del Rey can have a hit with that shit, than Haley should go platinum.
  • Haley looked damn good in that dress.
Anyway, onto our bottom 3!

Deandre is our first victim, and I am completely unsurprised. His performance last night was completely useless, but he does have his fans.

Erika is the next one to be sent to the stools, and in a complete moment of lovability, she runs over to skylar who hands her some party favors. Erika is “bringing the party to the bottom 3!” You go girl! By the way…Erika totally didn’t deserve to be bottom 3.

Although I dug his performance, I can’t deny that HeeJun deserved to be in the bottom 3. Even he knew that it would be a total injustice if he wasn’t told to take a stool.

I can’t say I was at all shocked with the bottom 3. I was disappointed to see Erika still in the bottom 3, but not entirely shocked.
And, our tenth place finisher is….

Erika Van Pelt

Unfortunately, Erika is sent packing prematurely. I’m very disappointed, because Erika was really just beginning to deliver on her true potential. When she stepped up to sing her swan song, she really nailed it, and hit it strait out of the park. It was by far her best performance, and I would have loved it if the judges had used their save. Unfortunately, even I know that it should be saved for the inevitable Hollie or Jessica shock elimination.
You will be missed, Erika. I look forward to seeing you on tour.

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