The Ting Tings – Hang It Up

After taking some time to seclude themselves in a Berlin basement, English electronic pop-punk duo The Ting Tings are back with a new album. The lead US single is a nifty little jam called Hang It Up. This song is a return to everything we know and love about the Ting Tings, but somehow manages to up the ante and sound just as fresh as ever.
After just the first ten seconds of the song, the instrumentals easily find their way into your head. The hard driving guitar riffs are simple and catchy. The pounding drum beat is infectious. Also, is that a cowbell? Heck yes it is! Its enough of a rock influence to cover up the fact that at its core, this is indeed a pop song. However, its that kind of pop song that sounds fresh and organic.Despite being known for their use of electronic sounds and synth beats, this track is surprisingly free of computer generated sounds. Could this be because electronic music has been done to death as of late? Absolutely. While everyone else is finally jumping on the band wagon, Hang It Up is the punky cool kid on the playground that sets the trend rather than following it.

Katie’s vocals return with more of a bite to them. Her half sung, half rapped, but mostly chanted lyrics are delivered with more grit than in Shut Up and Let Me Go, and more attitude than in That’s Not My Name. She cants her way through an absolute hear worm of “Hang it up! Hang it up! This time maybe you can hang it up!” What does it mean exactly? I don’t know. I don’t care. But I’ve seen singing it for days.
Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with the song’s accompanying music video. Both of their previous video were eye catching, interesting, and infinitely cool. However, Hang It Up is a standard performance video with some added footage of skaters hurting themselves in hilariously bad ways. While it does a good job of showing off their unique style, I had expected something much cooler from them.
In the end, Hang It Up is a solid track that stands out with its own identity against the thousands of David Guetta inspired club hits. This song really takes the Ting Ting’s original sound up a notch. The result is undeniably fun, and dangerously catchy.
Final Score: 4/5

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