Keane – Silenced by the Night

Silenced By the Night is the latest single from Keane, serving as the lead single from their upcomming fourth studio album. This is the first single we’ve had from the band since 2012’s collaboration with K’nnan,
Stop for a Minute. Being a fan of the UK’s piano rock group, I had been eagerly anticipating this release.

So, was the wait worth it? Short answer…no. Long answer? Hell no. I’ve been a fan of Keane ever since Somewhere Only We Know, and have yet to be disappointed with their releases. However, Silenced by the Night marks the first time where went “meh” after the initial listen.

Keane’s music is usually characterized by two things; lush piano melodies, and Tom Chaplin’s tender yet powerful voice. Its not that these elements aren’t present in the song, but they’ve never sounded so…positively boring. Whereas their past songs mesmerized and entranced, Silenced by the Night just kind of lulls you to sleep. The signature pianos are light and dreamy, but wind up coming off as stagnant and lack the rich texture of past songs.

Additionally, the verses are so slowly paced that it causes the rest of the song to fade into the background. The chorus is really the only memorable part of the song, but even that lacks the catchiness of Spiraling or the delicate melody of Somewhere Only We Know. Tom belts out a powerful “We were SILENCED by the Niiiight…” that seems to come out of no where, and then instantly fades away again. It just seems awkwardly paced and remarkably bland. Around the two minute mark, the song does hit a sweet spot that picks up the pace a bit. At that point, the song begins to shine, but it only lasts for about 40 seconds before the awkward chorus hits again.

Hopefully Keane’s album will be a bit better than it’s lead single. Despite being a fan and anticipating this song, Silenced by the Night left me with an empty feeling that sent me running to the band’s earlier releases to remind myself of how this song should have sounded.

Final Score: 2/5


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