Nine Muses – Ticket

Nine Muses has wasted no time in striking while the iron is hot. After coming back from a successful promotion cycle for News, they are back for the release of their latest single, Ticket. Like their past song that compared love to the trapped feeling that celebrities feel in front of the paparazzi, Ticket compares love to a one way ticket to heartbreak.

Keeping with the sound established by their earlier singles, Ticket is a catchy pop tune with a dark and mysterious aura to it. The beat is daceable and catchy, with a very sophisticated feel. It seems to merge the things that Nine Muses did right in their last songs. There are elements of the retro style of Figaro present in this song, as well as the darker and contemporary elements of News. This song really gets everything right, and allows the girls to bring out their sultry and alluring charms that set them apart from other groups.

Vocally, the girls show themselves just as capable as ever. Haemi really steals the show with her powerhouse vocal, while Sera excels at conveying the song’s emotion through her voice. Kyung Li, the groups newest member, continues to be a valuable asset to the group, and really fits in to the group seamlessly. The rapping here is much better and less forced than in News, and Euarin has vastly improved. Overall, its a solid demonstration of the girls’ talent.

The song is catchy enough, but the chorus gets really repetitive. The girls sing “One way, ticket one way, one way, one way, one way ticket.” over, and over…and over. It is catchy, but it can get a little irritating by the song’s end. Additionally, I didn’t call them on this last time, but there is still some terrible Engrish in this song. First of all, its “one way ticket,” not “ticket one way,” which they do say more than a few times. Also, the rap verses end with “Oh my scratch.” Haha…what?

The music video is a massive improvement over their last video, and in my opinion, is probably their best. Its set in a dark, steamy, vintage train station, and we get to see the girls in some really cool retro outfits. The video has the right amount of close ups featuring the individual members, as well as scenes of group choreography. The dancing, by the way, while not as elaborate as Figaro or News, is still eye catching and appealing.

Overall, I’d say that Nine Muses has finally established a unique identity that sets them apart from the rest. They have proven themselves to be a talented group that is sexy, mysterious, and powerful. With Ticket, they continue to deliver solid tunes, and are well on their way to establishing themselves as one of Kpop’s next top girl groups.

Final Score; 3/5 



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