Trapt – Bring It

Despite releasing a solid album, 2010’s No Apologies, Trapt seems to get little attention. I was confident that End of My Rope would have been a rock radio hit, but alas, the single’s failure to make an impact has lead Trapt to part ways with their label. (Or maybe the other way around, I don’t really know.) For many bands, this is exactly the type of thing that puts the final nail in the coffin. However, Trapt has taken matters into their own hands. They’ve begun recording their next album independently, and the first results of their independence is a new single called Bring It.

This song is a driving, in your face, head banger that really gets your pulse racing. The hard hitting guitar riffs are just excellent, and really set this song on fire. The pounding drums and excellent bass line keep that blaze fueled, but what really makes this song stand out against Trapt’s older material is the incorporation of new electronic accents that run through out the song. As the sound comes together, we get a solid rock melody that hits with an energy that we haven’t seen since the band’s Headstrong days.

Chris Taylor Brown continues to prove himself to be a capable front man. His voice is simply perfect for this type of music, since he possesses just the right amount of raw grit, and melody. He is capable of growling his way through a song, but can also pull it back and be melodic when he needs to be. A high intensity song like Bring It really shows off the rougher qualities of his voice, but when he needs to go for the bigger notes, he never fails.

What really makes this song are the lyrics. As it begins, we know exactly what we’re in for; “I’m going to hit you right where it hurts.” If Bring It isn’t the ultimate “eff you” to their former label, I don’t know what is. I find that many alt-rock songs lack a certain level of catchiness. However, this song has crafted a chorus that simply commands attention. “Bring it! Bring it! I’m still here, undefeated!” It simply begs the listener to shout along. And who can’t relate to lyrics like that? If Trapt was attempting to create a true predecessor to Headstrong, this is it. Although it probably won’t see half of the success of their debut single, its easily just as deserving.

Final Score: 4/5 



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