Gorillaz – DoYaThing (ft. James Murphy and Andre 3000)

The Gorillaz are back at it, and this time, they’ve brought along a few friends! Joining them for this unique track are James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem fame), as well as Andre 3,000. So, how does a collaboration like this come about? All in the name of sneakers. This track, DoYaThing, is part of Converse’s “Three Artists One Track” series, which unites artists to basically advertise their brand of shoes. Is it all just a grand marketing scheme? Yeah, but damn! Does it sound good!

This song does a great job in creating a sound that is true to all three artists. Both the Gorillaz and LCD Soundsystem are known for their eclectic sounds that fuse electronic and rock music. As such, the bouncey, drum heavy synthpop beat is characteristic of both groups.

Damon Albarn channels 2D through the verses, half sung and half spoken. The chorus belongs to James, who compliments Albarn’s lazy delivery with a more melodic and upbeat delivery. How ever, the song really gets its kick from Andre 3,000, whose charismatic rapping steals the show. He delivers the hook that is absent from the rest of the song with a rapid fire “Do ya damn thang, do ya thangdy thang.” Its the punch the song needed to keep from becoming stale.

However, part of what makes the Gorillaz is their unique animated music videos. Lately, they’ve ditched the 2D animation in favor of CGI, which I have mixed feelings about. In the video for DoYaThing, we see a typical morning in the Gorillaz lavish lifestyle. Its an eyebrow raising, slow paced video that has certain moments of “wtf!?” Most of them involving the addition of Andre’s character, and a cameo from the Boogeyman, who may or may not be a roommate. Gorillaz fans will notice that the group is now fully reunited (Robo-Noodle seems to be missing), and that they are no longer on Plastic Beach, but a London apartment. Although it doesn’t stay like that for long, as at the end of 2D’s breakfast, he is served an eviction notice. At this point, we discover that El Manana is functional again, and that it is tethered to the group’s apartment.

I’m not sure what any of that means to those who don’t follow the story of the virtual band, but to us fans, it means alot!

Overall, I’m pleased with this unique collaboration. Although far from the best of any party involved, it does have a special quirk about it that makes it a really special track.

Final Score: 3/5



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