Simple Plan – Summer Paradise

Simple Plan has had a massive hit in Australia with this song, and they are finally letting the rest of the world in on their latest track. Despite it being the middle of winter, the song is called Summer Paradise. As the title implies, this is a fun and summery song with a very laid back and summery feel. Its definitely something different from the band, and departs from their usual pop-punk style in favor of using reggae and ska influences, and even features a rap verse from Sean Paul.

Now, I came into this song fully prepared to hate it. At first listen, the Summer Paradise will bring back memories of I’m Yours and The Lazy Song. I hated both of those songs. I’m also not a very big fan of Simple Plan. However, for some reason, I can’t help but find this song to be a pleasant listen.

Sure, the lyrics are overly simple, and almost beat you over the head with beach and summer, imagery, but they’re still interestingly quirky in a “not really trying to be smart” type of way. The light melody and strumming guitars are as light and refreshing as a tropical breeze. The chorus is instantly memorable, and hits with a catchiness and an energy that’s missing from similar songs.

Originally, the song featured K’naan as the guest rapper. This version of the song was featured on the album, but for the single release, the world is treated to an eyebrow raising collaboration from Sean Paul. Not only the collaboration an odd mismatch…but I was also unaware that Sean Paul was still relevant. He adds nothing to the song but a tropical accent. His rap verse is useless, and although the lyrics are just as unintelligent as the rest of the song, he doesn’t pull it off with the same quirky persona of Pierre. He just comes across as…useless. Why couldn’t we have just had K’naan? Although his contribution to the song wasn’t anything groundbreaking, it was still miles ahead of Sean Paul.

Overall, I find myself liking this song. Possibly, that may just stem from that fact that it is uncharacteristic of Simple Plan’s usual style. I’ve seen many comments from fans who dislike the song for the same reason. I see nothing wrong with a band changing it up once in awhile. For whatever reason, I kind of like Simple Plan’s take on the Ska-Pop styling.

Final Score: 3/5


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