Block B – Narina

Rookie group Block B has recently returned with their oddly titled second singe, “Nalina.” Now, rookie groups usually take a while to really fall into place, and some never actually do. Black B’s debut mini album spawned three singles, and none of them were really anything special. However…Block B’s comeback shows tons of improvement, and if their recent “All Kill” is any indicator, “Nalina” is pretty awesome.
So what exactly does “Narina” mean? Whats up with the random “Goo goo ga ga” thrown into the bridge? Well…nobody seems to know, but Kpop seems to be ok with nonesense lyrics that make no sense. Case in point, Co-Ed’s “Bbirribom Bberribom,” Narsha’s “Bi Ri Ba Ba” and practically every song from T-ara.
“Nalina” is a strong hip-hop song with an addictive electronic beat. It’s the perfect type of song to be played in a club. Between the heavy beat that just begs you to dance, Block B has an energy unlike most other idol group. While other groups seem to be more about their image, their choreography, or whatever else…Block B seems to be having a blast by just making music and performing. Their music is all about fun and having a great time, and it really shows through in this song.
And how could you not have fun while you’re dancing around like a gorilla? At first, I thought that the gorilla-arm jackets were just a fashion statement, but then I saw the choreography. With all of the chest scratching and arm waving, it does seem like the Block is indeed channeling their inner animals. Although it might seem a little strange, it actually goes along with the feel of the song really well. The only thing I didn’t get about the choreography was the crotch fanning.
The group’s lead rapper is clearly the star of this song, and it’s easy to see why. He’s a fantastic rapper, and brings tons of swag and attitude to this song. Co-Staring is the group’s second rapper, P.O., who has a much raspier and gruff rapping voice which adds color to the song. The other members are more or less pushed into the background and given much smaller parts, which is ok, because their anchor members definitely shine in the spotlight.
Overall, “Nalina” is a very strong comeback for this rookie group. In fact, it may have converted me into a fan! They definitely are a promising group, and “Nalina” is a welcome addition to my playlist. Great job, Block B!
Final Score: 4/5

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