Madonna – Gimme All Your Luvin’


Madonna may very well be the most iconic singer alive. With a vast number of hits behind her, nobody would blame her for sitting back and collecting the royalty checks. However, she’s on the verge of pop domination once again with her first release since 2005’s “Hung Up.” The new track is called “Gimme All You Love,” and features two of my favorite female rappers (the only female rappers?) M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj.
The song features a bouncy bubblegum pop beat, and a cheerleading chant hook that seems to harken back to the radio hits of the 80’s and early 90’s more so than anything popular this decade. It’s something that could actually be refreshing and new if it wasn’t being delivered by an android singing into a tin can. Seriously, Madonna does absolutely nothing with the pop beats before her. Her voice is clearly not strong enough to carry the song. As a result, her limited range lyrics are so heavily filtered and autotuned that it seems to lose any emotion at all.
Lyrics like “I see you commin’ and I don’t wanna know your name” should be delivered with some amount of attitude and swagger. Hell, I can totally imagine a 1992 Madonna singing these lyrics like a total badass. The chorus leaves you flat out cold with no build up, and no impact. Instead, what should hit you like Jet Li feels more like a feather landing on your nose. It tickles a bit, but then it’s gone.
The only time the song goes any place is when Nicki and M.I.A. come out to play. Nicki goes first in her usually frantic rapping style, using as many voices and spitting out as many words in 13 seconds as humanly possible. Seriously? That’s all she gets? 13 seconds? Whatever. Its still the best 13 seconds of the song.
M.I.A. is completely out of place in this bubblegum pop song, and it clearly shows. When it’s her turn to rap, the beat drops and becomes noticeably more hip-hop friendly, but it’s still a total mismatch for the grime rapper. She tries to get political with lyrics about Iran and censoring her profanity with a gun shot, but in the end, it just seems so random when compared to the rest of the song.
But is it catchy? Well, the beat is infectious enough. The cheerleading chant that runs throughout the song is both annoying and the only real hook. So…yeah, why not? The song is catchy. Not really danceable, but catchy enough.
Final Score; 1/5

In the end, this song doesn’t do any favors for anyone in the party. Madonna’s edge has completely gone, and without the A-list production crew behind her, she’s nothing more than a hot bod and a mediocre voice. Nicki is far too underutilized, and M.I.A. is totally out of place. Sure, the song is catchy, but that doesn’t necessarily make it good. In fact, without that…it’s quite lame.

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