Nine Muses – News

After taking a short break following their “Figaro” success, Nine Muses has returned with a new single, and a new member…making them Eight Muses, but numbers are irrelevant at this point. “News” is the third single from this group of lovelies, and shows a much more distinctive sound and image.

When they originally debuted with “No Playboy”, Nine Muses brought a good song, and little else. Their singing was mediocre, dancing was sub-par, and they were terribly uncoordinated; a fact which can be seen even in their own music video. However, the beat was catchy, and they were kinda hot, so…there was that.
It was evident from “Figaro” that the girls were showing great improvements, but “News” is the first song that really distinguishes Nine Muses’ identity. Decked out in elegant, yet sexy outfits, the girls carry themselves with a confidence and poise that sets them apart from other groups using the same concept. For the first time, the group’s image feels distinctive of “Nine Muses” and represents them rather than a trend being used by “some rookie group.”
As a song, “News” attempts to evoke the same feelings that a celebrity feels about living in front of the camera, and living on display for the public. It features a unique and addictive electronic beat that has the same “runway” feel of their debut song, but with a more mysterious air about it.
Vocally, the girls have shown dramatic improvement. They’ve shown the ability to harmonize better than most other idol groups. Individually, they also shine just as bright. The song heavily features rappers Saem and Euaerin, and although they’re far from the best, they do well enough without looking amateur.  Sera and Hyemi lead the pack in terms of vocal ability, but the newest members, Hyuna and Kyung Li show amazing potential, and act as if they’ve been with the group since day one. The group has also been shiningg on stage, where they’ve made little use of backtracking or lip syncing, and have consistently given solid live performances!
Despite her “hot mess” appearance,
Nine Muses’ newest member, Kyung Li, is a great addittion!


The choreography is also another fantastic improvement. The dance features a dynamic combination of elaborate movements, sexy body rolls, and eye catching formations. Although it lacks that “signature move” that helps a song achieve popularity, Nine Muses signature is their ability to dance in sync. Each of the girls is in tune with the other seven in a way that puts even the most established groups to shame. Looking at their debut performances, I never thought I would be giving this compliment to Nine Muses! They’ve quickly gone from THE worst, to one of the best groups in terms of dancing in sync.
The music video really takes the song’s concept of “living in front of the camera” and runs with it. In several scenes, we see the girls seductively posing in front of what looks like a giant camera lens. In many other scenes, we see the ladies in a small glass box, creating the feeling of being “boxed in.” The video also heavily uses mirrors and really shaky close up shots. It’s all very interesting and eye catching, but at times it almost seems like too much happening at once. It does create a very claustrophobic feeling for the viewer, which accomplishes its goal in the most uncomfortable way imaginable. Also, I feel like the choreography was underutilized, and I would have loved to see more shots of the group as a whole.
Final Score: 4/5
Overall, this is by far Nine Muses best song to date. “News” has a unique concept that finally establishes Nine Muses’ identity and unique flavor. Additionally, the improvements they have made in terms of performances has been nothing short of incredible. What once promised to be a hot mess of talentless “pretty girls” has since become a promising young group with a very bright future ahead of them.

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