B.A.P. – Warrior

I always look forward to watching a rookie group debut. It’s interesting to see how they begin their career, figure out the group dynamics, and then see how they proceed to grow and improve. 2012 promised to bring some highly anticipated rookie groups, and B.A.P. is one of the first to strike. They recently released their first single entitled “Warrior” and have made quite an impression!

Let me start off by saying this…B.A.P. have had the best debut since Miss A. There isn’t a spec of “rookie” anywhere on these guys! They’ve chose a tough concept to debut with, and they do it exceptionally well. As the name “Warrior” would imply, these guys chose to go hard with a rebellious, angry, street punk bad ass concept. It’s a style that we don’t usually see because guy groups usually go for a sexy, overly made up image, or worse…ageyo *shudders*. Typically, when a guy group tries to make themselves look “bad ass,” they wind up failing miserably.

Granted, in some of the scenes from the MV, I wonder if they may be trying too hard to convince us of their “ruggedness.” I find that while fire, the car smashing, and the skulls fit the vibe of the video well enough, it was all a bit overwhelming, and a bit…much.

Warrior! HUH!

The music video is set in a grimy, dirty urban back alley full of graffiti, broken glass, and broken cars and of course, human skulls.  There’s also DJ with a giant bunny head running around in the video serving as a blatant rip off of Deadmou5. Now, for most other groups out right now, this would seem totally unconvincing…but not for this group!

Deadmou5? Is that you?

Normally, I hate when a music video is nothing more than a blatant display of the choreography. However, B.A.P.’s dancing ability is top notch! It’s full of very intense and elaborate hip-hop moves that add to the rebellious feel of the song. We have some wild fist throwing, finger gun shooting, Zelo playing puppet master with the other 5 members, and an extremely well-choreographed stomping breakdown. Quite frankly, it’s some of the best choreography I’ve seen in Kpop, especially the ending where they *spoiler alert* shoot Zelo in the head. Yep…do any other groups have an execution in their choreography? Didn’t think so.

Now, I haven’t spoken about the actual song yet. At first, while I liked it, I didn’t love it. However…that changed after the second and third listen. First of all, the song features some heavy hip-hop beats, a killer bass, and some whistle blowing that adds some nice flavor. Overall, the beat is enough to get stuck in your head, but it’s the vocals that really sell it.
The six members of B.A.P. get to show off some exceptional talent on this song. One of my biggest peeves in Kpop is when songs feature unnecessary rapping by sub-par rappers. I’m very happy to say that Zelo and Bang are on top of the competition in terms of rapping. Zelo can spit rhymes like a pro, with a flow and an energy that is reminiscent of some of the best American rappers. Bang reminds me a bit of T.O.P. with his deep and husky voice. It sounds absolutely fantastic, and really stands out for the unique tone. The other members all show off promising vocal capabilities, especially DaeHyun, who is a vocal powerhouse.
So, can I find something to be critical of? Well, Deadmou5 rip off, sometimes their aggressive image comes off as a bit much, and I don’t like Zelo’s hair. Am I nit picking? Absolutely. These guys are solid, and this song is awesome!
Final Score: 5/5
They’re rookies? No way. I don’t believe it at all. I refuse to believe it. This is a top notch group that shows amazing potential with their debut single.
My only hope is that they never, ever, ever decide to turn on the charm and go “cutie boy” like every other idol group. Also, I hope that they haven’t released their best right out of the gate. It’s going to be hard to top this song, but with the talent they have…I have full faith that they can do it! B.A.P. is going to be the name on everyone’s mind in 2012.

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