Dal Shabet – Hit U

Dal Shabet – Hit U
Yesterday, rookie girl group Dal Shabet made a comeback with their new song “Hit U.” With this new song, the girls traded in their usual upbeat, ageyo style for a more powerful, gun toting, boyfriend murdering “Bad girl” image.
I can’t say that I’ve ever been a fan of this group, but I’ve never been a hater either. “Supa Dupa Diva” was a great, super catchy debut, but the overload of cuteness on “Pink Rocket” and “Bling Bling” just weren’t my cup o’ tea. When the teasers for “Hit U” were released, I was very interested to see how this group, whose name translates to “Sweet Sherbet,” would faire with this darker concept.
The Concept: Turns out, the girls wear black and murder people quite convincingly. The concept is much more chic, powerful, and darker than anything they’ve done before. It almost seems like a totally different group. It’s quite refreshing, and shows that the girls are capable of adapting to different styles. My only concern is that this new concept is SUCH a radical departure from what I’ve come to know as “Dal Shabet” that I don’t know if it’s helping this relatively new group establish their identity.
Ladies…you’re posing with stripper poles.
Would you like to do something…I dunno, sexy?

The Video: This music video takes the “Bad Girl” image to the extreme. In fact, I’m counting down the minutes until it gets hit with MOGEF’s ban hammer. How do you best destroy your cutsey disco concept? Put on some black stalkings, and shoot your boyfriend and all his friends at point blank range! Yay!

In the video, we see Jiyul playing the part of an emotionally abused lover. Who decides that she’s had enough. In one scene, she aims her guns at a group of her boyfriend’s friends. They laugh, and one even tries to get her to put her gun down. Silly boy, never mess with a scorned woman…at least not when she’s packing! She pops one right in his chest, and continues to unload on the rest of the group, eventually leading up to a tender moment with her boyfriend that ends with yet another bullet in the chest.

“I’ll hit u…seriously…”

However…my question is…why is everyone bleeding pink blood? At first, I thought “maybe she’s shooting them with paintballs?” However, they sure don’t look like they were hit by paint balls. I’ve been hit by paintballs. They don’t hurt THAT bad, nor do they blow holes in your chest. Those guys are clearly dead. My guess is that it was done for the censure, but listen girls; you’re killing people. You WILL be banned, so you might as well go all out, right?

The Dance: What can be said for the choreography? It’s your standard faire Kpop choreography. It’s crisp, clean, and the ladies pull it off relatively well. It goes well with the song, but I was always waiting for that signature move that would really stick out, and it never really came. It’s not a bad dance, but it isn’t particularly memorable either.

The Song: Like the video, this is your standard “bad girl” pop song. In fact, it would seem a bit generic if it weren’t for a few things. Personally, I love the electric guitars that run throughout the song, which give it a cool yet powrful sound. The song makes great use of all six member’s unique voices and tones, which keeps the song from becoming stagnant. However, the chorus and rap breakdown lack the same amount of power that’s suggested throughout the rest of the song.  

Final Score: 3/5

Overall, “Hit U” is a catchy song, that shows off a new side of Dal Shabet. The girls tried to show a darker, “Bad Girl” image, and they came out with guns blazing…literally. They handle the new concept well enough, but at times, they seem a little lost, either over doing it, or under selling it. Overall, while they still have some things to work out, the song, dance and video all come together well enough. It’s a decent comeback that shows the girls exploring new territories, which will hopefully lead to something that really sets them apart from the rest in the future.

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