Best Alternative Pop Song of 2011

There’s a great deal of pop music that doesn’t get the full focus of Top 40 radio. I wanted to recognize these songs, and so I created the category for “Best Alternative Pop Song.” These songs trade in catchy synth beats and overproduced hooks, but still manage to create a more artistic and pleasing pop sound.  And so, the nominees are…

Andy Grammar – Keep Your Head Up

Andy had a great year with his upbeat and optimistic hit…not bad for a debut single!

Clare Maguire – Ain’t Nobody

The UK’s Clare Maguire simply entranced me with her unique voice and artistic style. Ain’t Nobody is an emotionally charged song that showcases her one of a kind talents.
Mat Nathanson – Faster

With his second major label debut, Mat converted me into a fan with his catchy and upbeat single, the feel good hit, Faster.

Sara Bareillis – Uncharted

This songstress is known for making pleasing songs with deep meanings. Uncharted is one of her best songs yet, with a fantastic music video to boot!

Train – If It’s Love

Finally, Train had a massive hit with “Hey Soul Sister,” but in my opinion, it was “If It’s Love” that was the highlight of their latest album.

And so, we have five fantastic songs. What’s more impressive is that TWO of them are debuts! Each of these songs are deserving of much more recognition than they received from mainstream radio, but only one can win this completely meaningless award. And so…the winner of “Best Alternative Pop Song” is…

Train – If It’s Love


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