Introducing the Dervis’s Awesome Music Nominee Awards!

As 2011 comes to a close, all of the popular magazines are looking back at 2011, and making lists of the greatest everything to happen this year. Various award shows are making nominations and counting votes. Blogs everywhere are posting their own lists like people will actuall read them, and this year, I am no different!
Ladies and gentlemen, announcing my first ever year-end awards…Dervis’s Awesome Music Nominee Awards….or as I like to call them, The D.A.M.N Awards!

So what does this all mean? Who decides the winners?
I do.
Am I qualified to assess music on a professional level?
Absolutely not.
Do I have any sort of credentials at all?
Nope, but I have a Zune pass and
What will the winners get?
Nothing of any significance. I’ve got a sheet of gold star stickers though.
So why am I doing this?
It gives me something to do on a Wednesday afternoon.
And there you have it! Now, this was a decent year for music. We saw Adele claim the music industry as her own property, we saw Lady Gaga do all sorts of crazy shit, we saw the beginnings of a global Kpop invasion, we saw some awesome debuts, some great breakthroughs, and overall, we heard some awesome music. Thus, the most awesomest songs have been nominated (by me) for awards in each of their respective categories.
Now, in general, I hate watching these award shows and seeing Gaga, Swift, and Katy dominate the shows. So, my rule…one song, one nomination. The only exceptions will be for the categories “Best Music Video”…because the music video does not equal the song itself, and “Best Debut” because theoretically, the debut song could be nominated in another genre-specific category.  
Also, I hate labels. To me, it’s entirely possible for a song to have multiple genres, and I feel like some labels like “rock” and “pop” are way too general. Thus, I have done my best to set definitions, break down categories, and keep similar songs in their own category.
So, you want to see the nominations? Too bad. Next post.

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