Trapt – Forget About the Rain

Artist; Trapt
Song; Forget About the Rain
Album; Only Through the Pain
Song Highlights; Uplifting lyrics, catchy melody, unique and distict sound
Favorite lryic; “I don’t know where I am going, I just hope I’m not alone,”

For those of you who don’t know, my home of North Eastern Pennsylvania is currently experiencing rainfall on quite an epic scale, which has cause some major flooding. For those of you who do know, you’re busy fleeing, so it doesn’t matter anyway. Luckily, I live on a hill top, so I can blog about it from the safety of my computer.

Anyway, school cancellations have given me some time to dedicate to my poorly managed blog. As such, all this talk about rain has caused Trapt’s “Forget About the Rain” to lodge itself in my brain…and I can’t complain about that!

This song has always been one of my favorites from Trapt. This song deviates from their typical post-grunge sound. It still features their signature hard rock sound, but mixed with a lighter fare. It features some acoustic guitars, bongos, and a subtle keyboard that adds a nice flavor. It’s got a somewhat funkier flavor, making it one of Trapt’s more upbeat songs, which is complemented by the optimistic lyrics.

With a unique sound, and great lyrics, “Forget About the Rain” is a great deviation from Trapt’s usual sound. It shows that they’re capable of being versatile, and giving us something new and different.

On a side note, for the 100,000+ being evacuated; stay safe, stay calm, and god bless.


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