O.A.R. – Heaven

Artist; O.A.R.
Song; Heaven
Album; King
Genre; Indie, Alternative, Rock
Favorite Lyric; “So bring it back,/ all i want is understanding,/ to live my life the way that i planned it,/ wouldn’t change a thing,/ man, it feels like heaven underneath my feet.”

O.A.R. has recently released their seventh studio album, King. It’s a solid album, but today, my focus is on its lead single, “Heaven.” This unique song has a solid and catchy melody, and striking lyrics that carry a pleasant meaning that everyone can get behind.

There are few ways that a song called “Heaven” can go. Instantly, upon hearing the title, everyone hears the first few lines of the Bryan Adams love ballad. However, O.A.R. takes the song title and spins it on its head. This song sings about rejecting the concept of the traditional edenic heaven, full of arbitrary things. With lyrics like “All I have is life, and I don’t wanna go to heaven if I can’t get in,” this song is all about enjoying life, living in the moment, and finding happiness in the life we have.

These uplifting lyrics are magnified by the song’s upbeat arrangement. The melody is excellently crafted; the backing choir helps play up the songs big and inspiring message, while the acoustic sound reminds of the simplicity of the song’s theme and message. The chorus has a pleasant tune that will easily stick, and simply beckons the listener to chime in with a “I don’t wanna go to Heaven if I can’t get in!”

“Heaven” is an easy listen that actually packs a heavy meaning into a jaunty little tune. It’s a great melody that almost anyone can enjoy. Every now and then, we need to be reminded to smile at life, and this song serves to remind us that we create our own happiness.


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