Far East Movement – Fighting for Air

Artist; Far East Movement
Song; Fighting For Air
Genre; Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop
Favorite Lyric; “My life isn’t measured by the breath’s I take/ But the moments with you that take my breath away/ I don’t need you in heels but I need your head over/ Come a little closer, Rest your head up on my shoulder”

Tuesday’s song of the day comes to us from the far east…The Far East Movement to be exact. I’ll never understand the group’s decision to release mediocre songs like “Rocketeer” and “If I Was You” as singles when there were so many other great songs off Free Wired. One such song is tonight’s pick, “Fighting For Air.” This song features vocalist Vincent Frank, and in my humble opinion, is the group’s best song after G-6.

Sure, it doesn’t quite have the hyped up dance beat of G-6, but the strong bass and laid back rnb sound do give the song a nice tone. It’s a cool type of song that you can easily groove to while your out on the dance floor. The smooth rapping adds a great hip-hop flavor, while the guest vocals provide a catchy melody for listeners to grab onto. Plus, the lyrics are actually kind of classy, which is refreshing! It’s a definite step up from the mediocrity of “Rocketeer.” Once this song gets released to radio stations, there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be a hit.


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