Skillet – Whispers in the Dark

Artist; Skillet
Song; Whispers in the Dark
Genre; Christian, Hard Rock, Alternative

Every now and again, I’ll hear a song that I haven’t heard in a good long while, and I’ll be reminded of the qualities that I fell in love with in the first place. Such is the case with Skillet’s 2006 hit “Whispers in the Dark.” After hearing for the first time in what seemed like forever, I instantly fell in love with the track all over again. Possessing the dark and heavy qualities of metal, as well as the melodic and lyrical qualities of alternative-pop, Skillet’s sound is both accessible and captivating.

One quality that I love about this song above all else is the lyrics. Many har rock songs have a tendency to be very dark, angst ridden, cynical, and intensely fierce. While maintaining that same intensity, “Whispers in the Dark” is both positive and moving. Written from the perspective of god, this song reminds us that we are never truly alone. With brilliant lyrics such as;

“No, you’ll never be alone
When darkness comes
I’ll light the night with stars
Hear my whispers in the dark”

I can’t help but get chills each time I listen to this song.

However, for a Christian band, Skillet isn’t overly preachy. The lyrics are also open to interpretation, which I like. Is this song about god, or is it a song about a human relationship? Originally, I believed that it was a simple hard-rock love ballad about faithfulness and forgiveness. Personally, I like both ideas.

Despite the lyrics, don’t think for a second that you can’t headbang to this song. It has all of the intense guitar playing and heavy drums needed to rock out. Both dark and melodic, “Whispers in the Dark” is a well crafted song from a great band.


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