The Zutons – Valerie

Artist; The Zutons
Song; Valerie
Genre; Indie, Blue Eyed Soul, Britpop
Date; Aug 8, 2011

A few days ago, a friend and I were having a casual conversation about music. We got on the topic of Amy Winehouse’s untimely death (rest in peace you crazy little thing, you.) During the conversation, I mentioned that I was a fan of “Valerie,” at which point my friend said “You know that song was a cover, right?” Apparently, I had been deceived this whole time. “Valerie” is in fact an original song by a quirky little band called The Zutons. After telling me a bit about them, my friend had me convinced that I simply HAD to check out this band. So I did.

Now, the last thing I want to do is make this an issue of “who did it better?” I really like the Mark and Any version, but I’m also really digging the Zunton’s version. Of course the song itself is fantastic; quirky lyrics, a catchy melody, and a jaunty composition. Additionally, the Zutons have a really neat style which combines the right amount of “throwback” with the right amount of “current.”

The saxophone playing gives the song a great feeling of classic soul, while the upbeat guitar riffs give the song a heavy dose of funk. All the while, McCabe’s vocals help to complement the retro sound with his quirky indie rocker stylings. It’s a solid sound that helps give the song character, but the groups full colors really come out during the song’s offbeat little music video. “Valerie” is an undeniably great song, and I’m really glad that I was introduced to its true creators.


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