f(x) – Hot Summer

Artist; f(x)
Song; Hot Summer
Genre; Kpop, Dance Pop

Each year, there’s one definitive summer hit. Although Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars have given us some huge summer hits, I’ve got to say that the Koreans are having the best summer by far! This year, f(x) have had a huge hit with the incredibly catchy “Hot Summer.” If this isn’t THE definitive summer song, I don’t know what is.

Although this song is a cover of Monrose’s 2007 hit, I tend to prefer f(x)’s version a bit more. Not only can the dance circles around Monrose, but they bring a fun, playful, youthful energy to the song, whereas Monrose is all about the sex appeal. I definitely find f(x)’s energy to be much more refreshing and infectious.

“Hot Summer” is incredibly catchy, with a chorus that will easily become your summertime anthem. The contrast in the girls’ voices are also incredibly refreshing, and keep the verses and the bridge sounding just as fresh. Amber’s rap helps to add a little bit of swag, but the dance beat is all you need to hear to get moving.

However, the girls are at their best when they perform live, and that is where the full effect of the song can be felt. Their onstage choreography has always been top notch. Not a single girl misses a single step, and they easily have the most intricate choreography out of any other girl group. F(x)’s style is also very striking, as each girl has a unique style and identity.

In short, “Hot Summer” is 100% pure summertime fun! I must admit…this song has made me want to come party in Korea. It looks like more fun than I’m having in my American summer!


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