Rebelution – Feeling Alright

Artist; Rebelution
Song; Feeling Alright
Genre; Reggae
Every now and then, I decide to take a step outside of my already extensive box. A few days ago, I was in an unusually upbeat and mellow mood. Hence, I decided to tune into a reggae station. That is where I discovered today’s “Song of the Day,” an upbeat little jam called “Feeling Alright” by Californian reggae band, Rebelution.

“Feeling Alright” comes off the band’s breakthrough album, “Courage to Grow.” It’s a quirky little jam that’s got a definite feel good vibe. With a mellow reggae beat, upbeat key riffs, and chilled out guitar riffs, this song is like taking a shot of “chillax”…and it goes down smoothly too. The upbeat lyrics help keep things lively. You can’t help but smile while listening to lyrics like this;

Let’s all welcome in familiar faces, perhaps somebody who,
Has got a conflict in their life,
Tell them you’re sorry, but there’s ways to change the wrong to right,

This song is a breath of fresh air. Rebelution takes the reggae sound and makes it accessible to the rest of us, without compromising the genre’s purity. With a well crafted sound and feel good lyrics, “Feeling Alright” can’t help but find a happy place in your head. “Feeling Alright” is a great feel good song, and I encourage even those who aren’t fans of reggae to give it a spin. It could be the best four and a half minutes of your day.


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