Katy Perry – Firework


Artist; Katy Perry
Song; Firework
Genre; Pop, Dance-Pop

Yes, though part of me is ashamed to admit it, the song that I am infatuated with today is none other than Katy Perry’s “Firework.” This is a bit odd for me. I’ve always been quite…“hot and cold” with Miss Perry. A love-hate relationship if you will. Although I was never a hater of “Firework,” I never really paid it any attention until this morning when it was the only god damn thing on the radio. Now, here I am, almost six months later, finally finding the magic that captivated the world…and I am unable to resist.

Maybe it’s the sheer magnitude of the song that finally got to me? After giving it a close listening, I can now finally see the sheer power of the tune’s message. Yes, some of the lyrics are nonsensical, but the themes are clear as day; self-esteem, and loving yourself despite any of your flaws…it’s a message we all need to hear one or twice in our lives. This is a song that can uplift and touch anyone with a beating heart.

Maybe this is also the first time that I’m starting to notice it, but Katy isn’t a terrible singer either. Yes, the song is clearly bigger than her vocal capabilities. However, there is a certain quirk about her voice that gives the song a unique charm that the other singers couldn’t. She isn’t the best vocalist, but she works with what she has…and the results are surprisingly good.

Finally, the beat and melody are simply infectious. Even at your worst mood, you’ll find it impossible to resist smiling and singing along. The string section works well with the dance beat to create an uplifting and fun sound. Sure, the chorus sounds like an excuse to make some sexual gasping, but taken at face value, those notes really do help give the song its quirky character and catchy hook.

Although this song is far from genius, it makes its point with sharp clarity, and a well produced beat. Katy’s at her best with this uplifting anthem. In my humble opinion, there is something really honest and inspiring about this song, and Katy delivers this message with a sincerity that many of her contemporaries simply haven’t replicated.


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