Wonder Girls – Nothing on You (B.o.B. cover)

Artist; Wonder Girls
Song; Nothin’ on You (B.o.B. cover)
Genre; Kpop, Hip-Hop, RnB
Date; August 1, 2011

The Wonder Girls are largely responsible for starting the “Hallyu Wave” that’s taking over Asia right now, and they are the pioneers of bringing the K-pop craze to the US. They made their first big step into the US market by touring with the Jonas Brothers, and eventually managed to become the first Asian artist to crack the Billboard top 100! With their catchy pop sound, addictive dance routines, and incredible talent…they could very well be the first Asian breakthrough.

Although things have been quiet from the quintet as they work on preparing their debut English album, they’ve managed to keep their name in the news by being featured on Billboard’s “Music Mashup” series. Fans voted on a song for them to cover, and B.o.B’s “Nothing on You” won, edging out my pick, Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA.”

As it turns out, the song was a perfect fit for the girls. They chose to go acoustic, which is very different from their usual style. However, the tender and emotional melody works to highlight the girls’ voices…and they sure do have some voices! They effortlessly pass the spotlight as they share solo’s, which is really interesting. Sun’s ad-libs are simply beautiful, and really give the song flavor from start to finish. So Hee’s pure voice really shines, as well as Ye Eun’s powerhouse vocal and piano playing. Lim and Yu Bin share rapper duty, and bring both swagger and charm.

Sure, the lyric change to “Beautiful boys…” may be a bit awkward, and the girls may have to work on their “Engrish,” but they really do bring something special to the song. I had chills from start to finish!

Way to go Wonder Girls!
Get ready, America…


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