The Script – Nothing

Awhile ago, I gave a “bad” review to The Script’s single, “For the First Time.” While I still stand by my assessment of the song, they have still managed to have a decent sized hit with that song. Now, the lads are releasing “Nothing,” the second US single from “Science and Faith.” Akin to their past hits, this song is an emotional ballad featuring their signature light rock sound. It seems to have been working for them quite well. However, that didn’t stop me from being disappointed in their last single. Did this one faire any better? Here’s my verdict on “Nothing.”

The Good;

  • The vocals provided by Danny O’donohue are solid, and show a much huskier and gravely tone than we’ve seen from him in the past. He’s going for bigger notes, and his tone remains pure and heartfelt.
  • The chorus is much catchier than their past hits, complete with a melody that’s a bit more dynamic than their past hits. In my humble opinion, this one is easily the catchiest, which counts for a lot in a pop-rock song.
  • The lyrics are deep and emotional. “Nothing” is about the words you wish you had said as a lover left, and they make it feel genuine and heartfelt. I think that concept is something everyone can relate to.
  • I feel that the song is well paced. Beginning on a rolling guitar and emotionally charged lyrics, the song builds into the chorus, and eventually reaches a high point of lush and emotional sound before finishing strong on a final chorus.

The Bad;

  • Lyrically, this song follows the exact same formula set by “The Man That Can’t Be Moved,” and “Breakeven.” We get it. You’ve broken up…and you’re an emotional wreck because of it. Why don’t you try writing about something else for a change?
  • Like the lyrics, the sound is getting kind of stale. This song is almost the exact same style of all of their past songs; emotional, good boy, soft, pop rock. Maybe someday…they’ll try something new?

The Verdict; 4/5
While this song doesn’t show much growth or differentiation, it is, in my humble opinion, one of The Script’s best songs. It definitely improves over the areas that I didn’t like about their last song. Ultimately, this song is a huge upgrade from “For the First Time.”


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