Miss A – Goodbye Baby

After a short break from their astonishing debut, Miss A has returned with “Good Bye Baby.” Keeping with their award winning formula, they’ve kept their chic, cool, and confident style with an understated beat and a solid bass. Is this simply more of the same, or are Jia, Min, Fei, and Suzy ready to take the #1 spot again? Here’s the verdict on Miss A’s “Good Bye Baby.”

The Good;

  • The girls have gone for a much more mature and confident look this time around. Everything about this song shines with a powerful and confident swagger. I’m really digging the fire they seem to have in their eyes.
  • Although they’ve kept the same basic formula of their songs, the girls have changed up the roles slightly. In their past hits, we had a verse from Min, a bridge from Suzy, the chorus came from Fei and Jia, and Jia had a rap thrown in somewhere. Now, Min and Suzy are taking the chorus while Jia does the verse and Fei takes the bridge. It’s really cool to see them switching it up!
  • Jia’s rap? On fire.
  • The beat of this song is so cool and refreshing. Although it does essentially feel like an upgraded version of “Bad Girl, Good Girl,” the slight rock edge makes it feel much more chic and powerful.

The Bad;

  • While I do appreciate the girls for switching up their roles, having Fei do the bridge seems a bit like wasted potential. Fei is easily the best vocalist of the group, and this song’s bridge is mostly autotuned and filtered. It just feels like Fei is capable of much more.
  • The beat never really changes or goes anywhere. Yes, the beat is good and infectious, but it can get a little tedious and repetitive after awhile.
  • The choreography to this song feels like a bit of a step down. It just lacks the swagger of “Good Girl, Bad Girl,” and the charm of “Breathe.” Although its still very good compared to most other girl groups, I feel like Miss A is capable of better. Also, there is one move that is very awkward to watch…if you’ve seen the performance, you know which one.

The Verdict; 4/5

I’m really enjoying “Goodbye Baby.” Although it may be a bit more of the same from the girls, they have taken it up a notch. The chic and powerful feeling of the song is infectious, and the beat is very cool. Although the choreography isn’t their best, they are still one of the best dance groups in Kpop right now, and they execute it with a poise that most groups don’t even come close to possessing. Miss A is already on top, and with this song, they’re going one notch higher.


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