Cobra Starship – You Make Me Feel (Ft Sabi)

Cobra Starship first stepped onto the scene with the theme song to Snakes on a Plane, but they really tore the door off its hinges with 2009’s hit album, “Hot Mess.” With a bold style, a refreshing dance-rock sound, and catchy hooks, they really took the music industry by storm. Hoping to have another summer hit, the band has released their latest single, “You Make Me Feel.” Like their signature song, “Good Girls Go Bad,” this song features the help of a female guest, up and coming singer/rapper Sabi. Is this another strong showing from the sythrock group? Let’s get the party started with a review of “You Make Me Feel!”

The Good;

  • Catchy dance beat? Check. Catchy hook and chorus? Check. Sounds like a recipe for a summer hit. This song is definitely easy to dance to, and the “La la la la la” hook will be stuck in your head forever.
  • I really enjoyed the music video for this song. It was cute, fun, interesting and entertaining, which is more than I can say for most music videos.
  • Gabe and Sabi’s vocals sound really cool and refreshing on the verses.

The Bad;

  • This song seems to lack Cobr Starship’s signature swagger. Songs like “Good Girls Go Bad” and “Hot Mess” were cool because they were bold, fun, and in-your-face. This song is much tamer, and significantly blander.
  • The hook is very catchy. Catchy can sometimes boarder on annoying. Sorry, but I can only take so many “La la la la la”s before I need to hit “next.”
  • This song lacks the signature “Starship” flavor. Each of their previous albums had a unique quality that made them stand out. They were bold, charismatic, in-your-face, cool-without-even-trying rockstars. Now…they’re just a pop group.

The Verdict; 3/5
Ok, it’s not Cobra Starships best by any means. For the three minutes that it’s on, its fun and catchy, but once its over…its over, and the DJ moves onto the next song. Sure, this song may have the award winning recipe for “summer hit,” but that seems to be the problem. They followed the recipe rather than create the same bold flavor they did with “Hot Mess,” and as a result, this song is completely forgettable. Catchy…but forgettable.


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