Cee Lo Green – Fool For You (ft. Melanie Fiona)

Cee Lo made a huge impact on the industry with his track, famously referred to as “Forget You.” Unfortunately, many of the other solid tracks from his album were overshadowed by this song, and for whatever reason, the entirely mediocre “Bright Lights, Bigger City” as well. Either way, after loosing out to Adam Levigne on The Voice, Cee Lo is looking to have another summer hit with his latest creation, the soulful “Fool For You.” Is it going to live up to the legacy left by “Forget You,” or is this joining “Bright Lights” on the “whatever” pile?

The Good;

  • Cee Lo has a knack for recreating the timeless soul and Motown with a modern day twist. This song really feels like it could have come out of 1970’s Detroit with its soothing soul beats. Everything from the band to the backup singers is simply decadent.
  • Cee Lo’s lyrics and in your face attitude often overshadow the fact that he has a killer voice. In this song, the full range of his voice shines brightly alongside the soulful songstress, Melanie Fiona.
  • The lyrics are far from deep, but they do possess a simple charm that makes you feel good while listening to them. This is a simple love song that really captures the essence of a feel good soul jam.

The Bad;

  • This song may be a little too timeless for some people. It really is bit too “old school” for today’s top 40 radio, which is ultimately going to work against this song.
  • All things considered, this song really isn’t at all catchy. In fact, I’d say that the chorus is heavily lacking. There really isn’t any visible hook to grab onto.

The Verdict; 4/5
Like “Forget You,” Cee Lo has brought back a classic sound and made it fresh again, only this time, he has left out all of the gimmicks. Sure, pop radio may shun a slow jam, but this song possesses a classic charm and a really cool vibe that will take you back to when Soul music was at its peak. With its smooth throwback beat, and feel good lyrics, this song has a quality that most songs lack today; soul. Yes, this song has soul, and that’s what makes “Fool For You” something special.


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