2NE1 – Hate You

After releasing what is, in my humble opinion, their best single EVER, 2NE1 is wasting no time in making their next move. After obtaining an all-kill with “I Am The Best,” they have released a new single, “Hate You.” Originally, this song was intended to be on their last album, but the release was delayed. Apparently, it had to be adjusted from its original title, “F*** You.” Stupid censures. Regardless, the girls have come back with a strong song, and a fully animated video. Is 2NE1 still on top? Here’s the verdict on “Hate You.”

The Good;

  • Oh man, the music video may very well be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. The entire song features a brief, animated short in which the girls are portrayed as a group of Anime super-heroines, saving the world from an evil dude. Its completely bad ass, with a little humor, and a little romance thrown in.
  • CL takes over chorus duty, and it stands out as the song’s catchiest part. Its also the part with the most attitude and grit.
  • The lyrics are really cool, and really empowering for women. Sure, they aren’t very deep, but the direct and straightforward nature of the song is just fantastic!

The Bad;

  • This song’s beat seems to lack the typical 2NE1 flair. It’s a much lighter electro-pop beat than what we’re used to from the girls. It just seems to lack their signature intensity and swagger.
  • Because the beat is a little off, I’m having a hard time figuring out what I’m supposed to be doing with it. Can I dance to it? Not really, but kinda…its just a bit awkward.
  • It seems like each of the girls is holding back a bit on this song. We don’t get to hear any of their powerful voices, or any real intense rapping. As a result, the song just kind of stays in one place.

The Verdict; 2/5

Oh Blackjacks…please don’t hate me. Lord knows I love 2NE1, but I am just not digging this song. Yes, the lyrics are really cool, but the song itself just seems to be a light fair than what I’m used to coming from 2NE1. I don’t mind watching the music video over and over, because it really is cool! However, listening to the song itself is a bit of a bore…and I have never used the words “2NE1” and “bore” in the same sentence before. The girls still have an otherwise perfect record, so maybe my standards were a bit high, but this simply isn’t one of my favorite tracks from the four divas.


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