Hinder – What Ya Gonna Do?

Back in 2005, a new band had debuted with a little song called “Lips of an Angel,” and went platinum three times because of it. That band was Hinder, and they made quite a name for themselves with their classic sound, catchy hooks, and powerhouse vocals. Although their third album was released almost a year ago, the second single, “What Ya Gonna Do?” is only starting to catch on. It seems that Hinder was strategically waiting for the summer season to release this southern rock power ballad. Does it live up to the standard they set with their first album? Here’s my review of Hinder’s “What Ya Gonna Do?”

The Good;

  • This song features the modernized “classic” sound that Hinder is known for, and at times, this song is very reminiscent of rock and roll’s glory days, conjuring up images of Guns n’ Roses and Bon Jovi.
  • The hook is pretty catchy, which makes this a really cool “sing along” song.
  • Austin Winkler’s vocals are distinct, and have a great rocker “growl.”

The Bad;

  • Everything about this track is extraordinarily…generic. Classic may be good, but there isn’t really anything special added to the sound. It’s a song that I’ve heard a hundred times before, sung by a different, interchangeable band. In a sense, it’s a cheap recreation of the glory days.
  • I feel like the band’s arrangement is also a bit standard. There really aren’t any distinct qualities, and this makes the song a bit…boring.

The Verdict; 2/5
I do appreciate the fact that they decided to try and revive a classic sound, but in the end, this song comes off as a cheap imitation. Everything about this song is standard and generic, and just feels overly affected. While some people may appreciate the song’s simplicity, (sex, drugs, and rock n roll), but I find “What Ya Gonna Do” to just be bit lacking.


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